Secret On How To Get At Least 2k Hits Per Day

Saturday, August 29, 2009
Oh My God! I can't believe that I'm sharing this with you. It's something I just found, but looking at how it work, I believe it is one new simple and fast way to get more traffic on your page. All what you need is a twitter account and well, Google. Both Is Free! here is a secret on how to get at least 2k hits per day in a matter of minutes. Everyone can do this.
  1. Note down the hot trends at and head over to Google hot trends and note down their hot trends too;
  2. Go to Google blogsearch and search for the first trending topic;
  3. Copy first 3 results and insert them into your blog;
  4. Tweet all 3 blog posts with links to posts in your Twitter;
  5. Repeat the same for the rest of trends.

How does it work?

  1. Your blog and twitter will get the hottest trends;
  2. People search on the Twitter real-time search, find your tweet and click through to your blog;
  3. You get mad traffic.

Easy isn't it? Faster! Try it before everyone know!

Cheap Web Site Traffic

Thursday, August 27, 2009
Every online company knows that without traffic to their site, they go broke, quickly. There are many ways to get cheap web site traffic.

One way is pay per click advertising, where you pay per click through to your site, but you do not know if the customer is going to purchase your product, so you do lose some money with that.

Another way is to request links from other relevant, high traffic sites. Links to other well established sites is like personal recommendations, where you establish credibility fast, which increases the chances that they will buy your product. You must be persistent enough with some sites, though. You want to download the alexa toolbar, which gives you information about a website, such as traffic rating, ranking, contact info, site stats, related links, etc.

You can get free advertising by giving away free expert content to relevant sites itching for some new, fresh content. Web site owners are always looking for fresh content. Make sure you write a bit about the author and your web site or product. As long as it is not competing with theirs, they will not mind. You can post on these sites:

You can become an active expert in a newsgroup that is industry related. A newsgroup is an online forum where people share information and common interests. When you post, you are literally talking to your potential customers. These people do not want to be sold something; they want information from gurus, about the topic they are interested in. Make sure you have a sig file, or signature and start establishing relationships and prove your expertise. Stay with newsgroups that do not accept advertisements. This is also a great way to gather feedback from your website, straight from the horses’ mouth.

You can reinvent it if you need to and fix it accordingly. When you post informative articles, people will begin to look forward to your posts, and eventually you may want to direct these people to your brand new newsletter.

The Awesome Power Of Massive Email Marketing

Thursday, August 20, 2009
Have you heard the saying that the fastest way to make money on the internet, is to send out email ads to millions of interested people every day.
The Secrets Of Massive Email Marketing
Have you ever sat back and wondered why your advertising campaigns are not working? Have you tried buying advertising, or just using free advertising methods, and yet the results were really bad - or maybe even just one big fat zero after another. Yet you've heard people say that they are making money online, and you have a sneaky suspicion that some people are making a small fortune doing very little! The answer is very simple really.
Massive email marketing will always produce much better results than another other form of advertising. Lets take a look at the reason why.
Why Does Massive Email Marketing Work?
The problem with most advertising is that you have to hit a really huge number of people with your advert if you are going to get any real response. Many web pages will need hundreds if not thousands of people to "click through" in order to get a sale.
So say if you were advertising some affiliate product or a work from home program, you would need literally thousands of people to view your page to achieve anything.
However you must have genuine visitors - not "traffic services" which provide you with "hits" where your webpage "appears" in someones browser but they are not looking. Only people who are already interested in what you have to offer will turn into buyers - they must be clicking through from some article or text ad to turn into buyers.
Now...How do you find thousands - or even millions of people that will click through to your webpage or affiliate promotional page?
This is where Massive Email Marketing comes in. You see email is the only system that will allow you to send your ad to literally millions of people in one go - and all it takes is a few seconds.
Now we are NOT talking about the curse of SPAM where emails are sent to people that don't want them - SPAMming people is pointless in any case, because no one is going to read messages that they didn't ask to receive.
Massive Email Marketing on the other hand, means sending out your ad to literally millions of people every day, and all these people are desperate to receive your offers or your webpage addresses.
So How Do We Get Started?
In order to get started sending out your ads, you have to join a program online, that is specially set up to allow you to send out your ads every day.
Now...I must emphasize that you must send out your ads every day - it is no use sending out just every now and again - you must log in to the program and send out every day - if you want to get the best possible results.
Remember all you have to do is login to the program, and click on where it says "send your ad", and then fill in the subject line and the body of your email advert, and then press SEND - thats it - just wait a few seconds and you will get a confirmation screen telling you that you advert has been sent Now.
Most of the programs that I use, and have tested, have at least 3 million members - and YES I use them every day! The idea is that your advert will work because you are hitting literally millions with your ads. I was once skeptical about this kind of marketing but it really works, because being successful is a numbers game - if you dont send to enough people then your advertising wont work - its that simple
Which Are The Programs That Really Work?
The programs that I would recommend and that allow you to send out your ad to over 3 million people every day are given below. This is spam free as everyone has to be double opt in, which means they must validate their email address to be added into the database.

These are the four programs I use everyday to send out my ads. The effect of advertising to such a huge number of people is that your ad is sure to be read by someone, and if you chose your products carefully and find which email ads get the best response, then you will do just fine.

Do remember that sending daily is a must to get the best response. The other point I would mention is that you need to find the right product, that is getting sales for you, and then concentrate on that one product only - if you keep changing products and ads, then the effect gets diluted, and you will end up wasting your ads.

Thats it for today!! Until Next Time